Partner with COACH

COACH network partners are provided with tailored and professional support so they can implement the COACH mentoring program effectively in their community.

Support includes:

  • A eight step implementation plan
  • Operational support, including the provision of a comprehensive operations manual, policies and procedures
  • Engaging the community and developing local referral networks for the program’s participants
  • Engaging with churches and other sources of volunteers in order to recruit and screen mentors
  • Providing robust personalised training for mentors based on adult learning theory with core units covering Introduction to Mentoring and  Boundaries, Values and Risk. Depending on the target community, additional training units are provided on understanding families, youth, kids and ex-offenders.
  • Ongoing Support via regular consultations, including monthly phone conferences, video blogs and annual regional visits
  • Branding support and marketing to the community and potential mentors
  • Fundraising consultation (if needed) to raise funds for program

How some of our Partners use COACH

Crossway (Melbourne, AU) – COACH Family, Youth & Kids
ROC (London, UK) – COACH Youth & Family
Nexus (Brisbane, AU) – COACH Youth & Family
One Care (Geelong, AU) – COACH Family
Hillsong (AU) – COACH Youth

We ask that new partners to the network pay a fee that we think provides them with great value.

For more information, please contact:

Toby Baxter (Australia)
+61 466 564 823

Mark Matthews (Australia)
+61 477 738 214

Paul Wilsom (UK)
+44 7854 604 099